We have two types of cars for you to choose:


Yamaha Gas Golf Cars, 4 seaters with security grab bar, LED front and back lights.​

Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection Yamaha Gas Golf Cars, 4 seaters with security grab bar, LED front and back lights and windshield. ​

All our cars come equipped with:

GPS Tracking System: All our cars come with a tracking device for extra security that allows us to check the location at any time.

Knobby tires for better traction and a smoother ride.

Jake Power Spring kits for more torque, faster take off and better hill climbing

Gates G-Force Power Belts designed for superior fit, performance and durability.

Heavy Duty Rear shocks for a smoother and more stable ride.

Why Yamaha Gas Golf Cars?

Yamaha Gas Golf Cars offer significant features and benefits over other Golf Car brands:

High performance, low emission engine

Yamaha Built 357F Gasoline Engine. Yamaha is the only golf car manufacturer that builds its own engines. At 357cc’s, producing 11.4 horsepower, it’s the industry’s most fuel efficient, with gas mileage that’s up to 30% better than other brands. It’s quiet, virtually vibration free, and has low emissions.

Most comfortable Drive:

Largest Most Comfortable Seat in the Industry. Deep, supportive contours are intended to help hold occupants in place while the car is moving. Designed to accommodate occupants of all different heights and sizes, it’s made of pure, supple foam bonded to a seamless, fabric-backed vinyl cover, and the polypropylene seat base is strengthened with plated steel inserts.

Best Occupant Space:

Best window of entry and exit. Best leg space in the industry. Best foot space, rear body to pedal. Improved steering height and position. Improved seat height and position. Improved headroom.