Don´t sweat it,
Town Around with us!

Whether you’re planning your dream wedding, a romantic getaway or an exciting trip with your friends or family, we have an easy, fun way to move around!

No more long walks to town. Forget about carrying all your shopping or beach stuff. Feel free to go out for lunch, dinner or a fun night in town!

Our Gas Golf cars are safe, always ready to go and you will never have to worry about heavy chargers, long extension cords or wasting your vacation time charging batteries for hours.

We always give you the car with a full tank of gas, and our motors are so efficient that it will last for 2 to 3 weeks, so no need to worry about gas either.

So don’t walk it, be happy and Town Around!

Meet “The Little Beast” ​your loyal companion to Town Around Sayulita.

Strong, reliable & always ready to go!

We have two different types of cars for you to choose from:

Our Fuel Injection Beastie: Fuel Injection Yamaha Gas Golf Cars, 4 seaters with security grab bar, LED front and back lights and windshield.

​Our Regular Beastie: Yamaha Gas Golf Cars, 4 seaters with security grab bar, LED front and back lights.​


Both fleets are equipped with:

GPS Tracking System , Not Standard ignition switches & Security locks for higher security

Knobby tires for a better traction and a smoother ride

Jake Power Spring kits for more torque, faster take off and better hill climbing

Gates G-Force Power Belts designed for superior fit, performance and durability.


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Summer is here and all that’s missing is you!

Take advantage of our hot deals! Don’t sweat, Town Around!